Политика Конфиденциальности и Защита Данных

We respect your privacy and your concern about your data protection. This is one of the main reasons why we have we have created this informational disclosure. We collect and use personal information for many purposes, including but not limited to, billing; product and service realization; for better understanding the desires and needs of our customers; to provide a better and qualitative website, products and services; for communicating with current and potential customers regarding our products and services, and possible regarding third party products and services. Generally, your private information will only be disclosed to our owners, employees, independent contractors, subsidiaries, partners, affiliates, attorneys, consultants, business associates, service providers, suppliers and agents, acting on our behalf or request. This general rule, and disclosures in specific situations, is more particularly described below. You must be atleast at age of 18 or older to access this website. This website is not directed to under-age persons nor do we knowingly collect any personal information about children under the age of thirteen.

Information Collected by our ISP

The hosting provider for this Internet site (as with any Internet site) is operating an infrastructure and therefore is able to record various information, including domain name, pages accessed, date and time of access, type of web browser and computer operating system. This is most commonly done by providing access to raw server logs. For more information you should perform an Internet search on 'server logs' or 'raw server logs.' We may have access to our raw server logs and access reports prepared by our hosting provider.

Financial Information for Billing Purposes

We offer for free or sell products and services. When sales are made financial information must be disclosed. This information can include any number of facts you are asked to provide, but most commonly includes your name, financial / credit card information, billing address, and email address. Generally, this purchase information will be provided by you to a third party payment processor and we do not receive your financial / credit card information. In the event we do receive financial / credit card information, we will not disclose it to anyone unless disclosure is required by law or a court order, or unless disclosure is required to address an issue implicated by the financial transaction. If you claim that your financial information was used to make a purchase you did not authorize, details about the financial transaction may be disclosed to law enforcement and anyone else we deem necessary to address the matter.

Use of eMail Addresses and other Contact Information

An important part of our services includes being able to provide information to you. As a result, you explicitly agree to receive communications from us via email, fax, telephone, mail, or any other delivery method. As a customer you are agreeing to receive information about the product or service you purchased or using for free. This may include, but is not limited to, information about product or service updates, new features, or information we believe you may find interesting. We may also send you information about other products and services our company offers. We will not sell or provide your email address to others. We may allow advertising to our customers, or engage in joint ventures, which result in a situation you receiving advertisements from selected third parties.

Identification of Purchasers

If you purchase or use for free one of our products or services, you authorize us to use your name and identification information in advertising or promotions. We also use personal information in an aggregate form (i.e., not individually attributable to you) for business analysis, operational, marketing and other promotional purposes.


Cookies may be used to keep track of referred affiliate commissions and to monitor access to our website. Therefore you explicitly agree and accept any future use of cookies for testing purposes and the use of cookies for publicly available data to gather statistics for the purpose of determining which search engines, referring sites, key words, etc., bring visitors to our website, which pages visitors are most interested in, what web browsers are used, etc. Various providers may be used for this purpose. The purpose is obtain information that will help promote the website, make the website more interesting and useful to visitors, and to identify areas where improvement is needed. Additionally, various third party information suppliers and other entities that provide information for this website, or for use by us, may use cookies. Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to billing providers, third party advertisers, and third party resources we promote.

Disclosure by Necessity

Private information may be disclosed if required by a court order, statute, law, or regulation. Information is subject to disclosure to address a claim that you are violating the terms of any agreement pertaining to your use of this website or our products or services, or rights of any third party. Information is also subject to disclosure if we believe that disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or bring an action against someone who may be causing any type of harm to or interfering (either intentionally or unintentionally) with our rights or property, your rights or property, other users of our website, products or services, or anyone else. As we continue to develop our business, we or our affiliates may sell or buy other businesses or entities, or we may merge with another company, or be bought by another company. In such transactions, personal information may be one of the transferred assets. Your information may be stored and processed in any country in which we maintain facilities or conduct operations. By using our website, products and services, you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country. After your account becomes inactive some of your information may remain in our databases, computers, and archives, for statistical purposes (as stated in the Data Protection Statement) or for historical purposes.

Data Protection Statement

In order for you to use the service you shall grant IT9 EOOD the right to collect, process and store your personal information and data, and by registering for the FreeAndroidSpy service you provide your explicit consent to IT9 EOOD to collect, process and store your personal information and data. IT9 EOOD may collect, process and store information in relation with:


The FreeAndroidSpy service has a newsletter. When subscribed for the newsletter you may receive information about the status of the service, improvements and new features, news and other information on the service. The newsletter is free. You can subscribe and unsubscribe anytime you want. To subscribe for new newsletter please enter your Email address in the Newsletter form on the freeandroidspy.com home page or send an email to newsletter at freeandroidspy.com saying you would like to subscribe. If you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter please send a message from the Email address you would like to unsubscribe to newsletter at freeandroidspy.com stating that you would like to unsubscribe.

Access to our website

The user can access their Private Area only by using the Email address and password associated with their account. On successful and unsuccessful log in attempts information will be logged.

Email address;
IP address;
Detailed browser information;

Our heuristic systems may decide to block or require additional verification before letting the user log in into their Private Area or accessing other internal resources. This may happen if the user is trying to access their data from completely different location or in other circumstances which may be a sign that the user data is at risk. Many high security institutions are deploying similar techniques.

Data extracted from client devices

Data types extracted from the devices on which the mobile application has been installed: detailed device information; images; video files; information about the installed applications; entire contact book; debugging information (client logs, exceptions, boot notifications); and other data types. All the extracted information and data cannot be and will not be used for marketing, statistical or for any other purposes without explicit consent from the user. Most probably we will never seek consent because we will never use the extracted data and information from the monitored devices for marketing or other purposes. We are just not that kind of company. We respect your privacy and we will protect your information and data. Debugging information may be collected from the devices on which the mobile application has been installed. The debugging information has nothing in common with your personal information and data like images, installed applications and so forth. The debugging information is directly related to the process of processing data, not the data itself. Examples for debugging information are, but not limited to, logs about application crashes, application unable to upload data to your Private Area, application failures, etc. The debugging information help us find and fix bugs in the mobile application and improve the user experience in general. Usually debugging information will be collected right after the installation of the mobile application and soon after that the level of debugging information will be drastically minimized. We may however, at our discretion, turn on verbose debugging messages in order to find and fix possible bugs in the course of the application usage.

Statistical data

Users count; count of the devices on which the mobile application has been installed; records count for each data type; summarized technical details about the devices on which the mobile application has been installed: manufacturer, model, version codename, version incremental, version release, version SDK, debugging logs. All the information may only be used for statistical purposes and for improving the services. The summarized technical details about the devices will help us especially when dealing with bugs. Usually all the statistical information will not be stored but calculated on demand, but when stored it will be separated from the accounts of our users and it will not be attributable to them.

Email information

When the user is installing the mobile application on the device they would like to monitor, they will be prompted to enter their Email address. After providing Email address the Service will create an user account associated with the Email address provided. Account information and other details will be sent to this Email address.

Notifications by Email

A lot of things can be done through the FreeAndroidSpy service by the user and because of this we have created a system for notifications. When the user account is first created, it is automatically registered for Email notifications and these notification are related to the user activities. You can disable the notifications anytime by sending an email to notifications at freeandroidspy.com stating that you would not like to receive notifications by Email. Notifications are usually sent when you install the mobile application on new device, or when there is new information or data in your Private Area, and for other reasons.


In order for the user to use the services the user must accept and agree with the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. If the user does not accept and does not agree with the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy the user is prohibited from accessing the services. If required for any reason, the individual who install the mobile application on the device is required to receive the owner's consent. This is also stated in the Terms of Service. The user will be asked if they fully accept and agree with the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy two times on two different occasions. Once, during the installation of the mobile application and second time after logging to their Private Area. By using the service, data will be extracted and processed, then sent from the device and received by our servers with the explicit consent of the user who has installed the mobile application.

Data Disclosure

The FreeAndroidSpy service is working with information and data. We do not allow access to the information and data stored in our infrastructure, except when:

- it is required with your explicit consent;
- it is required by an authorized person, law or statute;

Usually all the statistical information is not individually attributable to our users and we may use it for different purposes.

Account Termination

Our users have data stored on an infrastructure. When the user decide that they would not like to use the services (or any part of the services) anymore they can delete their Private Area account. This can be done by clicking on the "Terminate Account" link in their Private Area. By doing this they schedule an account deletion procedure. This may result in new data coming to the Private Area from monitored devices because the application has not been uninstalled from the monitored devices but only their account has been deleted. In order to stop the process of sending data to the Private Area the user must first uninstall the application from the monitored devices associated with their account. The next step is to click on the "Terminate Account" link in their Private Area. The Private Area account of the user will be deleted few days later. Deleting the account does not delete the installed application on the monitored devices. Deleting the installed application on the monitored devices does not delete the Private Area account. If the "Terminate Account" link is missing or it is not working please contact us for further assistance. As with almost any Information System, when the data has been deleted from the Private Area it can't be restored or undeleted. The process is final. By terminating their accounts our users does not lose the right to use the services again. These services are free. If our users would like to use the services again they could do this anytime they want by following the installation instructions on www.freeandroidspy.com.

Policy Changes

These policies may be amended by us at any time and without notice. Any modifications made will be posted on this page. You agree that your continued use of our websites, product or service after that date will constitute your consent and acceptance of the amendment.

Last updated: 14.11.2013