Look at their Photos

Are you worried about what kind of images your kids are taking? Maybe their amateur camera work might have gone too far? Do you want to see all the photos your employees have taken?

FreeAndroidSpy lets you view all taken, copied and downloaded images along with their creation date and time and file name and folder in which they reside on the target cell phone or tablet. If you are worried that the smartphones of your children contain porn images or that your employees are taking pictures of your company's confidential documents then worry no more.

All photos are uploaded to your Private Area. There you can store unlimited number of images. You will be able to download and export these images whenever you wish. You will not lose these precious photos of your loved ones.

The images taken to your Private Area will remain there even if they are deleted on the target cell phone or tablet. You won't lose any of your valuable images even if your target device breaks or gets lost.

FreeAndroidSpy is taking very strict measures to ensure the security of your data by using encryption for the transfer and storage of your images.

All images will be send using Wi-Fi Internet connection, when available.