View their travel routes on a map

FreeAndroidSpy is tracking the location of the target phone or tablet on their way absolutely invisibly and undetectable.

Just login to your FreeAndroidSpy Private Area and track their cell phone location remotely. To login to your Private Area you need your email address and a password. Once you login you can see the GPS tracking information chronologically – date and time and the actual GPS coordinates.

View the entire travel routes of your children or your employees and know exactly where and when they have been.

You will be able to find your lost phone if you ever lost it because the application will constantly send information on the current location on the device. Even if your phone has been stolen you will be able to locate your stolen phone and get it back.

If your children are lying about where they are going or where they have been or your employees are using company cars without authorization you will be able to confront them with details and put an end to all of this cheating.