Your Private Area

FreeAndroidSpy is an effort to create your life easier. FreeAndroidSpy cell phone monitoring and tracking application is absolutely hidden and undetectable – it gives no indication of its presence. FreeAndroidSpy is dead easy to use and absolutely free and it will stay free.

Once the application is installed on the target cell phone or tablet you just login to your Private Area and from there you can view all the data collected from the monitored phone.

The Private Area is accessible from everywhere on the planet, any time. You just need an internet connection and that's all. The Private Area supports desktop computers as well as mobile phones so there are no limitations from which device you will review the cell phone data collected in your Private Area.

In the Private Area you can view location history of the tracked cell phone or instantly pinpoint your cell phone on the map. Track your children or employees. You can also get these precious image and videos files, their entire contact list, installed application on the cell phone and more!

There are no limitations on how much data is stored in your Private Area so you can use it to backup your cell phone contacts and all the other data like images, videos and others.

You can also export and download cell phone information collected in the Private Area to your computer.

Remote Control of Your Cell Phone

From your Private Area you will be able to uninstall the application on the tracked cell phone or tablet any time you want. No physical contact is needed with the target device. You can always reinstall the application again.

If you wish you can also delete the information of all activities on the target cell phone that we have collected.

From your Private Area you can easily set the time intervals in which the collected data from the tracked cell phone will be uploaded to your Private Area. You can change these settings whenever you want.